Our Approach

With a two and a half decade long corporate timeline standing-by to speak for us, we at Dewinter Microscopes take pride in having established ourselves as manufacturers and exporters of a full range of Microscopes, Cameras and related Image Analysis Software for biological and industrial applications.

Through the passage of time, our acquired product expertise has enabled us to expand our range of products. Today, we offer complete educational, research and quality control solutions through the integration of Microscopes, Cameras and Image Analysis Softwares.

Keeping in mind the significance of the results that are generated using our products, we concentrate all our efforts to produce an optimum combination of impeccable quality and unmatched reliability. As a special feature for bulk purchases, we offer our products under OEM arrangements as well.

Our products and their components are manufactured in our State-of-the-Art productions facilities and well-integrated workshops. With the productions being closely monitored by our highly trained experts at each step, our primary stress is on creating excellence in the field of Optics and Image Analysis Softwares.


We're Hiring

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About Our Products

Our products are widely used in Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technological, Metallurgical and Mineralogical Industries. By creating the perfect fusion of reasonable price and optimum quality, our range of products stands as one of the best available in the market today.

Some of the common types of microscopes and related products available with us are:

  • Biological Microscopes
  • Pathological Microscopes
  • Phase Contrast Microscopes
  • Dark Field Microscopes
  • Industrial Microscopes
  • Metallurgical Microscopes
  • Polarizing Microscopes
  • Tissue Culture Microscopes
  • Stereozoom Microscopes
  • Digital Microscopes
  • Fluorescence Microscopes
  • Digital Projection Microscope
  • Projection Camera
  • CMOS Camera
  • CCD Camera
  • Microscopic Image Analysis Softwares
  • Accessories