VGI 3000


VGI 3000 interface microscope camera is a new generation of microscope camera which directly uses VGA interface to transfer the image data. Compared with the old generation video output microscope cameras, this product is smaller in shape, can get clearer and bigger picture.


  • Optical lens interface: C or CS
  • Image sensor size: ½ inch CMOS
  • TV Line: 2048 × 1536
  • Power Supply:DC (5V)
  • Appearance: Tetrahedron
  • Volume:95*65*45 (mm)
  • Net weight:160g
  • Computer System Required: One Driver
  • White Balance: Manual adjustment through
  • Data Output: VGA
  • Brightness:Digital Manu, Manual Adjustment
  • Contrast:Digital Manu, Manual Adjustment
  • Colour Saturation:Digital Manu, Manual Adjustment
  • Build-in Reticle: One group, On and Off can change 7 group colour