Victory FL

Transmitted Illuminator

  • 6V/30W halogen lamp adjustable brightness 230V.

Standard Accessories

  • Electric cable, fuse, vinyl dust cover, operating manual, guarantee card, blue filter, power supply for 100w mercury lamp and styromfoam molded pack.

Trinocular Observation Head

  • Siedentopf observation head inclined at 30° rotatable at 360°.
  • Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube(±5).
  • Inter-pupillary distance from 48mm to 75mm.


  • Eyepiece PWF 10X (paired) FOV 22mm.
  • Centering Telescope 10X.

Objectives (LWD APO Plan Infinity Corrected)

  • LWD Fluor Plan 4X
  • LWD Fluor Plan 10X
  • LWD Fluor Plan 20X
  • LWD Plan Phase 20X
  • LWD Plan Phase 40X
  • Phase Annular for 20X and 40x objectives.


  • Long working distance 72mm condenser with N.A. 0.3 field diaphragm, pull out filter socket.

Mechanical Body

  • Quadruple nosepiece.
  • Co-axial coarse and fine focusing with large knobs. PRE-FOCUSING LEVER & TENSION ADJUSTMENT RINGS are on the focusing mechanism.
  • Hard coated mechanical stage is 240mmX 260mm.
  • Movement 30mmX75mm.

Excitation Filters (Optional)

  • B (Blue), 460-490 nm (standard)
  • G (Green), 510-550 nm (standard)
  • UV (Ultra Violet), 330-385 nm (standardl)
  • V (Violet), 400-410 nm (standard)

Reflected Light

  • 100W DC mercury lamp power supply 230V.