Capture Pro

Routine Filters

  • Invert, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Blur. Noise removal, Gamma RGB, etc.

Edge Detection & Morphology Function

  • Laplacing, sobel, Kirsh, Skelotizing, pruning, histograme equalization, histogram smoothing etc.

Image Editing

  • Cut/Copy/Paste, selected copy by free hand AOL. Resize, Crop/Duplicate/restore, conversion to other format like BMP,JPG,TIF, Annotation like, free hand drawing, straight line, square, Circle, arrow, Text, highlighter etc, pointer, eraser.


  • Zoom in/Zoom out, rotation 90°,180°,27°, horizontal flip/vertical flip, Redo/Undo, Intensity histogram.

Image Processing

  • Background subtraction, contrast enhancement, boolean math, ADD,OR,XOR etc.


  • Direct printout with original image tabulated results. Export to MS Office or Excel for further changes.

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