Cast Iron Analysis

Image Editing

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste.
  • Selected copy by free hand AOL controlled by four arrow keys available on keyboard or mouse with zoom preview.
  • Crop, duplicate, restore
  • Resize
  • Compression
  • Conversion to another format such as BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF & PSD
  • Flood fill or spray with selected color at selected portion.
  • Grid creation; 5X5, 10X10 & 100X100 grids (or cells).
  • Drawing tool curve, line, square, and circle with node control and provision to change color & thickness of the line.
  • Write text in any color or font.
  • Pointer to place on an object in either of four directions with provision to change its color & thickness.
  • Eraser works only on line, arrow or on any drawing tool.(not on original image)
  • Camera Lucida
  • Montage feature to merge stored image together. Useful to Merge different focuses of same image.
  • Image stitching.
  • Highlighter.
  • Pixel by Pixel Correction by key board.
  • Multiple image folder with Search facility.
  • Filter application on selected area.

Edge Detection

  • Laplacing, Sobel, Krisch, Prewitt Gradient, Shift & Difference, Combine, Contrast Base, Quick, Range and Variance.


  • Skeletonizing, Pruning, SKIZ, Histogram Equalization, Histogram Smoothing, Histogram Peak, Histogram Valley, Segmentation by Over/Under and Quantized, Contoring, Dilation / Erosion on Binary, Gray & colored Images, Opening/ Closing on Gray & Binary Images, Special Opening/Closing, Split/Combine of RGB, YUV, YIQ, XYZ, & HSL, Changing any Image to 1, 4, 8 & 24 bits, Medial Axis.
  • Transformation, Halftone.
  • Image Addition, Image Average, Image Subtraction, Image Multiplication.
  • Roundness, Shape, Orientation, Elongation, Equal Circular Diameter, Equal Sphere Volume.

Cast Iron Analysis

  • The dedicated module determines flake size from 1 to 8 as per ASTM, JIS, and BIS & ISO standards. The type distribution percentage A, B, C, D, E is calculated interactive tools.
  • Flakes per square mm is also calculated simultaneously.
  • Percentage of pearlite, ferrite, graphite and carbide is calculated from Etched sample automatically with predefined values.


  • Zoom in/out
  • Zoomed preview
  • Rotation at 90, 180,270 or custom
  • Image flipping; horizontal or vertical axis
  • Intensity histogram.
  • Image Information
  • Redo/Undo on all operations.

Image Processing

  • Background subtraction and contrast enhancement of color or grayscale images.
  • Arithmetic image functions (Boolean Math; Add, AND, OR, XOR, DIFF, MIN, MAX, +, -, /, *, And Simple).

Routine Filters

  • Invert, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Blur, Noise Remove, Emboss, Engrave, Gamma R, Gamma G, Gamma B, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Mosaic, Smooth, Desaturation, Pseudo Color, Colorize, Oilify, Despeckle, Posturize.

Special Filters & Karnels

  • High Boost, High Spatial, Low Pass Spatial, Ranking (Max, Med, Min), Point detection, Line detection, Homogeneity.


  • Centroid X, Centroid Y, Major X1, Major Y1, Minor X1, Minor Y1, Major X2, Major Y, Major X2, Minor Y2, Box X1, Box X2, Box Y, Box Y2 & Box Area.

SG Iron Analysis

  • The module automatically analyzed & calculate Nodulins/Non Nodulins percentage. Determine its class and number from 1 to 8 as per ASTM, JIS, BIS & ISO standard s, Nodules per square mm is also on Etched sample it reported.
  • Determine percentage of pearlite, graphite, ferrite and carbide.


  • Three options: Direct printout with original image processed Image & Tabular results.
  • Export to MS Office or Excel for further modification.