Hardness Analysis - Brinell Pro

Brinell Pro is portable System to automatically measure and determine the Brinell Hardness value. Brinell microscope allowing quick, automatic, and accurate reading with no operator influence on the measurement.

The magnified indentation on the screen also permits detection of any defect in the surface finish or the indentation.

The Software is compatible to window 8 & 10.


  • Dewinter Brinell Microscope has magnification up to 200X.
  • The Microscope is equipped with LED lamp.
  • The base is provided with small magnets to have better grip on Indent.
  • Focusing knob is available on Microscope. (Optional auto focusable Microscope is also available).
  • One button automatic measure indentation.
  • Live measurement is available.
  • In the event, that the automatic measurement fails, will be offered the possibility to manually measure through the acquisition of three points.
  • Puts the position in archive mode.
  • Accuracy of the measured diameter is up to 0.001µm.
  • Multifield study is available.
  • Automatic storage of images and accompanying measurement data files.
  • Storage of operator ID, data/hour, hardness parameters, measured hardness values, Location of stored image
  • The Brinell Microscope is connected to PC to the USB port.

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