Image analysis - Aluminio Pro

Introduction of Aluminio Pro

“AluminoPro” is an image analysis software specific to Microstructure analysis of Aluminium alloys. Aluminium alloy products have been widely used in machinery manufacturing, transportation, electrical, shipbuilding, aviation & construction and other fields. Their properties highly depend on the distribution, shape & size of Microstructures. “AluminoPro” is using improved & new algorithms to improve it’s efficiency & it’s specificity. According to the use of these methods, We can classify them into four categories: grain boundary extraction, quantitative calculation, Microstructural classification & segmentation.

Threshold Particle Measurement

  • Manual, Auto bright and Auto dark methods to identity intensity range defined object to be measured. Various calculation & measurements available for selected Particle are; Dimensions, Area, Perimeter, Ferrite Length, Min/Max Radius, Thread Length, Thread Width, Fiber Length, Fiber Width.


  • Measure area fraction & volume fraction. Identify multiple phases within Microstructure. Also delineate phases from the histogram.


  • Three options: Direct printout with original image processed Image & Tabular results
  • Export to MS Office or Excel for further modification.

Image Editing

  • Cut/Copy/Paste, selected copy by free hand AOL. Resize, Crop/Duplicate/restore, conversion to other format like BMP,JPG,TIF, Annotation like, free hand drawing, straight line, square, Circle, arrow, Text, highlighter etc, pointer, eraser.


  • Zoom in/Zoom out, rotation 90°,180°,27°, horizontal flip/vertical flip, Redo/Undo, Intensity histogram.

Image Processing

  • Background subtraction, contrast enhancement, boolean math, ADD,OR,XOR etc.

Routine Filters

  • Invert, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Blur. Noise removal, Gamma RGB, etc.

Edge Detection & Morphology Function

  • Lap-lacing, sobel, Kirsh, Skelotizing, pruning, histograme equalization, histogram smoothing etc.


  • Spatial calibration
  • Line measurements for Distance, Length, Width, Perimeter, Angle, Three Point Radius.
  • Area by enclosed line controlled by four arrow keys available on keyboard arrows with zoomed preview.

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