Monozoom - E

Standard Accessories

  • Operating manual, dust cover, guarantee card and Styrofoam molded pack.

Digital Mechanical body

  • Built-in FULL HD sensor and VGA integrated camera, can directly connect with the monitor to realize video image and can also use SD card to take picture or record video, which integrate video observation and image storage
  • Simple external interface: 12V power supply input and USB/VGA video output.
  • Support USB and VGA sync-output, USB interface can connect to mouse and PC system.
  • 30 fps at VGA mode to capture the image.

Zooming Range & Ratio

  • Zoom 0.7xX to 4.5X with magnification ratio of 6.5:1

Magnification Range

  • 7x -45X.

Working Distance

  • 85 mm.

Mechanical Body

  • Track stand with fan type base.
  • Lateral zoom control movement.
  • Clip for holding specimen.
  • Base size is 280X300mm.

Illumination System

  • Incident and transmitted light systems with LED lamps.
  • Both lights are regulated with power supply and has separate brightness controls.

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