Standard Accessories

  • Operating manual, dust cover, guarantee card and Styrofoam molded pack.

Binocular Observation Head

  • Observation head inclined at 45°rotatable at 360°.
  • Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube (±5).
  • Inter-pupillary distance from 55mm to 75mm.


  • Extra wide field 10X (paired) F.O.V. 20mm.


  • 2X & 4X

Magnification Range

  • 20X-40X

Working Distance

  • 90 mm.

Mechanical Body

  • Track stand with fan type base.
  • Easily rotatable objective turret with fixed magnification objectives.
  • Clip for holding specimen.
  • Base size is 198mm X 250mm.

Illumination System

  • Incident and transmitted light systems with LED lamps.
  • Both lights are regulated with power supply and has separate brightness controls.

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