Textile Analysis Software - Textile Pro


  • This Software useful for micro measurement of fiber, yarn, threads, textile material, non-woven fabrics etc.
  • The real full screen display of image, acquision, annotation, enhancement with hundred of filters, measurements, statistical processing of measured data are few of the capability of Textile Pro.
  • Photographs of all fibers view are pre-loaded in the software to identify fibers without prior knowledge in the same. The library can be created & retrieved within the same program.
  • Micro analysis of yarns and fiber sections.
  • Measurements of length, surfaces, perimeters, angels, distance between two points or lines or objects.
  • Fast and easy way the fitness analysis of single fiber.
  • Check the purchased material can be identify the type of fiber, comparing it with the fiber pictures stored in the data bank with the longitudinal and the sectional views.
  • Check and measures the quality and shape of Lycra or synthetic multifilament single threads.
  • Analyze the compactness of non-woven fabrics.
  • Analyze the Yarn structure and detect possible defects.
  • Detect, identify and measure possible impurities contained in textile materials.
  • Analyze the compactness of no-woven fabrics.
  • Measure section surface and perimeters.
  • Analyze mechanical part like needle points spinnerets etc.
  • Macro analysis of a yarn section.
  • Reduce the fabric warp and weft density to a cm or inch.