Zoomstar V

Optional Accessories

  • 0.5x Auxiliary Lens, 2x Auxiliary lens

Standard Accessories

  • Operating manual, dust cover, guarantee card and styrofoam molded pack.

Trinocular Observation Head

  • Galileo optical system left & right parallel optical path.
  • Observation head inclined from 35°.
  • Vertical phototube for micro photography.
  • Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube.
  • Inter-pupillary distance from 55mm to 75mm.


  • Wide field 10X (paired) F.O.V. 24mm.

Zooming Range & Ratio

  • Zoom 0.66X to 5.1 with magnification ratio of 1:7:8

Magnification Range

  • 6.6Xto 5.1X.

Working Distance

  • 110 mm

Mechanical Body

  • Track stand with fan type base.
  • Base Size is 330mmX300mm
  • Incident and transmitted light system with LED lamp.
  • The system regulated with transformer has intensity control knob.
  • On/off switch to provide flexibility to use either both light or any of them.
  • Clip for holding specimen.
  • Lateral zoom control movement.

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